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Student Volunteer Trips

Traveling to Meet the Need

Service trips are an important aspect of student life at MMU. They give the opportunity to serve where genuine need exists in another area of the country. Students gain a first-hand perspective of America’s rich cultural diversity while building relationships with fellow volunteers and people at the service site.

During fall break 2017, two student groups participated in service trips. In Detroit, students worked with Cass Community Social Services to update bedrooms in a homeless shelter. Another group worked with various community organizations in St. Louis to focus on hunger, homelessness, and poverty.

Sarah VanHoe ’19, a student on the Detroit volunteer trip, says she met a gentleman at a lunch break who was involved with Cass Community.

“Our short exchange of hellos turned into an amazing conversation when I was able to learn how he was impacted by the organization,” VanHoe says. “Years ago, he had gotten into drugs and had finally hit a point where he had enough. He was directed to Cass Community, which then gave him shelter, a job, and the means to fight his addiction. Today, he has made a complete turn for the better and is an advocate and volunteer for the organization. Hearing this story was absolutely incredible and made me feel even more passionate about the work I was doing.”


“With each service trip I attend, I strengthen my will to volunteer. I have lived a fortunate life and want to do everything I can for those who are not so fortunate. This service trip helped illuminate the reason why I volunteer and encouraged me to keep in touch with my love for volunteer work.”

Sydney Franks ’19
Detroit Volunteer Trip