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President’s letter: They deserve to finish

President’s letter: They deserve to finish
As I considered the stories for the Spring 2015 edition of the Mount Mercy Magazine, the themes of selfless service, compassion and mercy immediately came to mind. They always do when I think of what our students and alumni are accomplishing around the world! But if a picture is worth a thousand words,...
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Milestones Mark 2010

Milestones Mark 2010
Milestones have always been welcome and significant exhibits of human journeys. For thousands of years people have marked their individual and collective destinies with milestones showing the path already trod and the road ahead. Whether journeys of discovery or stories of personal growth, milestones...
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Honoring Sustainability in Word and Deed

Welcome to the annual President’s Report from Mount Mercy. This year we have chosen to build my annual report around a core issue of today, and one that lies at the heart of Mount Mercy’s mission: sustainability. When one says the word “sustainability,” environmental concerns frequently come...
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Funding and Finding Possibilities on the Hill

Simply Google the word “scholarship” and more than 46 million hits pop up with web resources offering guidance for aspiring college students and their families to afford a college education. For many of today’s prospective college students, the word scholarship conjures images of dollar signs —...
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‘Purposeful Living’ Drives Campus Community

As we prepared and reviewed our feature stories for the Winter 2009 edition of the Mount Mercy Magazine, it was overwhelmingly apparent that the individuals profiled in the following pages are powerful, tangible, and living examples of how our campus community members carry out the mission of the College...
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When Mission Matters…A Year to Remember

When Mission Matters…A Year to Remember
When the Sisters of Mercy founded this institution, they could not have foreseen the great flooding that would occur nearly 80 years later, but the legacy they instilled in our character ensured that we would rise to the challenge. Never has it been more clear that we live in a time of profound change...
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Message from Mount Mercy President Christopher Blake

The Mount Mercy community is proud of the successes of the past academic year and of the achievements of the more than 400 students who graduated this year. Congratulations to those graduates and their families, and good luck to them as they begin their next journey in life! The summer months bring a...
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