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Sisterhood & Second Chances

Sisterhood & Second Chances
From the beginning, limited options seemed to force the Bauer sisters into lives they did not wish for themselves. But through love and commitment to each other, and by their own inner strengths, both found their way to Mount Mercy University—ultimately leading to successful and satisfying careers. “Our...
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Students find renewed purpose in Belize

Students find renewed purpose in Belize
Service beyond self—in addition to a top-quality education, it’s what Mount Mercy strives to instill in all students. Life-changing experiences in the small country of Belize have opened the eyes of graduates and undergraduates alike, in a beautiful example of service beyond self in action. “So,...
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MBA students travel to Belize to work for common good

Sixteen Mount Mercy students enrolled in the Master of Business Administration program traveled to Punta Gorda, Belize, to work with local businesses in January. Students partnered with entrepreneurs to enhance development of five businesses, varying in services from solar dried fruit to an Internet...
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I can play the spoons…

What do I want to be when I grow up? This is typically a question pondered by adolescents and college sophomores struggling to declare a major. It’s an age-old question, one frequently lobbed at kindergartners and high schoolers alike, with adults eagerly awaiting your answer. But it seems like...

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MBA Scholars Create, Nurture Community Partnerships

MBA Scholars Create, Nurture Community Partnerships
In the last two years, Mount Mercy’s Master of Business Administration students have contributed to the rich, diverse  campus life. Through outreach to local organizations, MBA students have earned a reputation as a resource for helping business leaders make strategic investments and sound, data-driven...
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