University Center keeps momentum building

“When I look at the University Center, I imagine people in it,” says Mount Mercy President Christopher Blake, who like the rest of the campus, daily sees the development and expansion of the new University Center at the top of the hill. “I feel the excitement and the progress, and I see the hard work and effort.”

With the soon-to-be completion of the University Center on the horizon, the Mount Mercy community will embrace the new addition and looks forward to utilizing the new space. Widely seen as a physical representation of Mount Mercy’s ability to connect with multiple student demographics, the University Center already is being hailed as a way to enhance the campus’ strong emphasis on community.

“I see the University Center as an entryway,” says Dean of Admissions Scott Baumler, “an entryway and a connector to other parts of the University. It’s a portal — a way to see the campus in both tangible and intangible ways. From an admissions standpoint, it will allow prospective students to envision their future.”

The undertaking is moving along smoothly, on schedule and on budget. The facility, which bridges McAuley and Regina Halls, is funded by private supporters. With the support and patience of the entire campus community, most notably the students, the process has gone well.

“The students have been wonderful,” says Vice President for Finance and Business Operations Barb Pooley, who alongside Director of Facilities Dave Dennis has overseen the project. “They could be complaining every day about the inconveniences, but they aren’t.”

With offices relocated over spring break, the campus continues to ride the momentum of the University transition in August and looks forward to recognizing the upcoming moments worth celebrating. As the first graduating class of Mount Mercy University prepares to walk the stage in May, the air on campus continues to resonate with the feeling of progression. “It’s a new dawn,” says Blake. “The sun is still rising.”

To view more photos of the new University Center, visit Mount Mercy’s website.