Message from Mount Mercy President Christopher Blake

The Mount Mercy community is proud of the successes of the past academic year and of the achievements of the more than 400 students who graduated this year. Congratulations to those graduates and their families, and good luck to them as they begin their next journey in life!

The summer months bring a unique process of renewal to a college campus and have just as much bustling activity as do the fall, winter and spring semesters. Many students choose to engage their studies by continuing classes for their general education requirements or studying in our Advance @ Mount Mercy adult education program. Still yet, we welcome our MBA and Master of Arts in Education students who continue to apply themselves toward their advanced degrees. And Mount Mercy hosts numerous camps for elementary, middle school and high school students in the area. Mount Mercy is an active, energetic campus!

Personally, I savor the summer because Mount Mercy’s cumulative campus actions remain concerned with human relationships — broken, mending, strengthened, and celebrated. Our institutional focus, to engage ourselves and the greater Cedar Rapids community in the spirit of learning, is truly indicative of Mount Mercy’s motto: “to learn to love peace and truth.” Our mission — visible and lively during the summer months — continues to guide the good work of my colleagues. This summer in particular we are actively evaluating courses and programs in order to create more powerful experiences for our students. We are beginning renovations of the dining hall to upgrade the technology used in food preparation and usher in a new 21st century design to that facility, and we will be completing work on a campus master plan that will further develop our attractive environment on the hill. Additionally, faculty and staff are solidifying our relationships with partners in the community and investigating new avenues of collaboration, as well as rejoicing collectively about our achievements and our bold plan to reach new heights.

I hope you will enjoy the latest issue of the Mount Mercy Magazine, which highlights the engagement our faculty, staff, and students have with one another and the world outside our hilltop.