For the times they are a-changin’ – Editor’s Note

SaraThis year, when I was hired as the assistant director for communications and marketing, I was privileged to be adopted into Mount Mercy University’s family. With that wonderful, amazingly hospitable family, I also inherited a sweet baby that was my responsibility to shape, mold and create into something that would add value to the community – the Mount Mercy Magazine. As added pressure, that baby has been well loved and cared for by my predecessors, so my internal mantra as I planned the fall issue was, “Don’t mess this up, Baughman.”

Shortly after I was hired, while I paged through the last edition of the magazine, I started making my game plan. I jotted notes about ideas and approaches we could take to make the next issue even more spectacular. The little girl in me – the one who wanted to grow up to be a magazine editor – was straight up giddy. I had finally arrived.

And then, we had to make the decision to move from a printed edition to a fully online magazine. At first, my heart sank a little. But I realized that sadness was due to my own selfish desire to wow you all with a flashy, printed magazine.

In reality, the online magazine offers the same opportunities for you all to stay informed and connected. The online magazine still provides an exceptional platform for sharing stories about the amazing people at Mount Mercy. The online magazine still showcases the achievements, progress and accolades of the university. The online magazine even presents new multi-media story telling avenues that couldn’t be easily accommodated in print. Most importantly, the online magazine allows us to further support the Mercy critical concern of care for the earth while redirecting financial resources that would otherwise be required to print and mail a paper edition.

I hope you all will embrace the online magazine for the many new opportunities it offers. I’d also cherish your input as we continue to develop the online edition and present stories in new and innovative ways. You can email your feedback and story ideas to

So, now it’s officially time to grab a warm beverage, find a comfy chair and start exploring the next iteration of the Mount Mercy Magazine. May you all be as inspired and captivated by the people and stories as I have been.

Happy reading … and yes, I did steal the title of my post from a Bob Dylan song. Please don’t hold it against me!