Graduation just the beginning of lifelong learning

Beverly Templeton, President Christopher Blake, keynote speaker Erin Templeton ’07, Assistant Professor of Nursing Sharon Guthrie, Ph.D., and Department of Nursing Chair Mary Tarbox, Ph.D.

It was a message that was real and came from the heart — learning is a lifelong process. Erin Templeton ’07 shared her experience in nursing after graduating from Mount Mercy, and told the nursing class of 2012 that graduating with a baccalaureate degree is just the beginning.

“You get out of college and you think ‘man, I’minvincible, and I’m a new nurse, and I’m going to do so well,’” Templeton said. “You will — you will do great, but you have to have patience because you will realize there is so much more to learning.”

Templeton was the keynote speaker for the second annual Alumni Mentor Luncheon held on April 5 at Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids. Nursing students from the class of 2012 along with Mount Mercy alumni mentors gathered to network and share experiences and accomplishments in the nursing field.

As part of her address, Templeton encouraged new graduates to ask questions and set short-term and longterm goals as they embark on their new career paths. She acknowledged the challenges that come with nursing and said the keys to success are celebrating milestones, reflecting on past experiences, finding time to relax, and establishing goals.

“Stand tall – you graduated from Mount Mercy, you are very prepared for this role that you’re in,” Templeton said.