Mount Mercy helps unlock ‘STEM’ skills in children, families

More than 50 middle school students and parents participated in Mount Mercy’s inaugural STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Moms Night Out on April 23. Hosted in collaboration with the Iowa Mathematics and Science Education Partnership (IMSEP), this statewide family-friendly event provided hands-on activities for moms and other caregivers to engage children in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Mount Mercy partnered with IMSEP to help stimulate the minds of children who will lead the future in many of these fields. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Jitka Stehnova Ph.D.; Assistant Professor of Computer Science Elizabeth Kleiman, Ph.D.; and Assistant Professors of Chemistry Kris Keuseman, Ph.D. and Joe Nguyen, Ph.D. led students and their families in interactive demonstrations and hands-on activities designed to introduce kids to the wonders of science and technology and encourage future exploration of the fields.

Students engage in hands-on activities during the STEMS event on campus.

“Math, science, engineering and technology innovation are the engines of economic progress. It is critical to build STEM-literate youth who can go on to lead the future workforce,” says Stehnova. “Mount Mercy is working to spark not only youth interest in STEM fields but also help produce future leaders for Iowa’s schools and businesses.”