Expanding opportunity

Mount Mercy adds scholarships, academic programs and services

In the last year, new programs, scholarships and admission agreements have been implemented at Mount Mercy University —all focused on a few specific goals: making a Mount Mercy degree more affordable, accessible and applicable to emerging workplace trends.

These new initiatives have resulted in three new scholarships, two new admission agreements with Kirkwood Community College, new services and programs for specific student groups, and new academic programs.

Catherine McAuley Scholarship

The Catherine McAuley Scholarship, which was created in the fall of 2014, provides free tuition for Iowa high school seniors whose family income is $45,000 or less annually.

“The Sisters of Mercy main purpose was to help educate families and the underserved. With this scholarship, we are continuing on this legacy,” Dr. Terri Crumley, dean of admissions, stated. “What better way than to make high-quality education affordable!”

The scholarship is helping to open new doors for many students who didn’t believe attending a private college was achievable.

“The world of college admissions and financial aid is very confusing for students and families. Many families have no idea how affordable a college education really can be,” Crumley said. “The Catherine McAuley scholarship helps remove those hurdles. I want students to understand it’s not the ‘latest gimmick’ from colleges, but a program that is truly opening the doors to a college education.”

“Students and families are very excited about this scholarship,” continued Crumley. “In fact, in at least two cases, both students and parents broke into tears over the realization that this scholarship program enables them to afford Mount Mercy and all the benefits a private education gives them.”


International Student Scholarships & Admission Agreement

Mount Mercy University has a mission to serve the needs of people in the surrounding community. To do this, Mount Mercy, along with Kirkwood Community College, signed two new guaranteed admission agreements on Nov. 14. The first ensures international students graduating from Kirkwood with an associate degree will be guaranteed admission into Mount Mercy’s traditional undergraduate program.

“We have a mission to serve the people in our area. We want to provide new ways for students to get an education,” Crumley said.

Along with guaranteed admission, international students who transfer from Kirkwood will also be eligible for generous scholarships and may qualify for a residential grant of $3,500 to aid in on-campus living.


Student-Veteran Scholarships & Admission Agreement

The second partnership with Kirkwood assists veterans in obtaining an affordable bachelor’s degree.

Student-veterans Tonya Harman '15 and Michael Proudfit '15 use the Veteran's Lounge to study between classes.
Student-veterans Tonya Harman ’15 and Michael Proudfit ’15 use the Veteran’s Lounge to study between classes.

“There are a lot of students coming back from their deployment that want an education,” Crumley said. “Many of them will begin at Kirkwood, but they want to finish their four-year degree. This agreement gives them that opportunity.”

The agreement guarantees traditional admission at Mount Mercy for any veteran who has completed an associate degree at Kirkwood. Student-veterans will also have the chance to receive a renewable $1,000 scholarship.

Mount Mercy also offers Veterans Free Lunch Fridays every week to current student-veterans; a veteran’s lounge, located on the first floor of Warde Hall; and Veterans Peer Advisor Travis Arment puts together helpful information including benefits and other opportunities for vets in the surrounding area.

“We think it’s important to provide these extra benefits to our veterans,” Crumley stated. “We want them to know they are welcome here at Mount Mercy and that we appreciate the sacrifice they have made for our country.”


Written by Madison Coates ’18