Name on the Big Screen

I had the opportunity recently to travel to New York City over the Thanksgiving holiday. Specifically, I was in Brooklyn visiting my sister-in-law.  While on our trek through Brooklyn for a variety of sundries, I had the pleasure of seeing a name I recognized. I wasn’t expecting to see a “familiar face” but the familiar name was just as pleasing.Jane Gilmor LIU

Jane Gilmor’s name popped out to me from a scrolling, well-lit sign on Flatbush Avenue!

Mount Mercy’s very own Jane Gilmor, who has taught art here since 1974, is showcasing her work at Long Island University’s Brooklyn campus through mid-December in an exhibit titled The Architecture of Migration: I’ll be Back for the Cat.

Flatbush Avenue is a crowded, congested street, but I had to snap a photo. We will be profiling Jane and her retrospective exhibit in the next issue of the Mount Mercy Magazine, due out in March 2010.  Stay tuned.Jane Gilmor LIU2