I can play the spoons…

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What do I want to be when I grow up? This is typically a question pondered by adolescents and college sophomores struggling to declare a major.

It’s an age-old question, one frequently lobbed at kindergartners and high schoolers alike, with adults eagerly awaiting your answer. But it seems like once you hit the ripe old age of 25, the question ceases to be posed to you. By this point, many of us have chosen. And in that choice, there seems to be a finality. But as I post this blog, I am questioning this presupposition for one reason: I recently ran into a group of people who jumped at the chance to push the envelope – to test their skill, determination and nerves along the way. And who didn’t balk at re-inventing themselves, at least temporarily.

A few years ago, they started a band. Fast forward to this November: the humble band that originated in Norway, Iowa played in front of thousands of people at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. Quite a leap for some band mates with a unique Mount Mercy connection! You may have heard of them: Aeroroot. keyclub

In the next edition of the Mount Mercy Magazine we’ll profile band mates Tracy Tunwall, Mount Mercy assistant professor of business, Clint Landis ’88, Brett Karminski ’01 and Steve Krusie.

I hope you look forward to hearing about some of their cool experiences – hanging out with Tommy Lee of Motely Crue is just one of them. And trust me: they’re good. If you need proof, check it out.

And so I submit to you (and them): I can play the spoons…

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  • Kelly says:

    I have been going out to listen to Aeroroot play at local spots for a couple years and everytime I go out to hear them they continue to amaze me with how far they have come; they are such a unique and great group of people with a definite passion for music

  • Patti says:

    Tracy does a great job of balancing her life as an HR professional with her rock and roll side. What a class act and a great example of reaching for the stars and becoming one!!!

  • Clare says:

    I have had the great pleasure of seeing Aeroroot perform at a couple of places and they deliver everytime! They have a unique song selection of songs you know, but not songs that typically get covered. Plus they are just cool people to talk to. We love having them on Schulte & Swann!

  • Sharon says:

    Aeroroot!! Great Band – Great Name – Great Music – and an even greater group of musicians!! The first time I heard them was a couple of summer’s ago. In all honesty my expectations were not high as I knew their backgrounds (marketing, etc.) Yea, seriously what do a bunch of marketing reps, etc. do in a band!!?? I had to eat my words..actually ate the entire book!! They were and still are fabulous! They can play, sing and are certainly a class act to watch, listen to and dance to. Keep it up! Aeroroot!! You all rock!!

  • Joan says:

    I love this band! They are upbeat and fun! Enjoyed them at Chrome Horse – a must see!

  • Angela says:

    AeroRoot is so much fun to see! I have been going to their performances for several years and always look forward to their next show! If you get a chance, definitely put them on your calendar!!!

  • Julie says:

    I have seen AeroRoot perform several times including having the honor of being able to see them complete in Cleveland at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They did a tremendous job and represented Iowa very well! The band members are all great individuals that prove to all of us, no matter how old we are, we can still live our dreams!!!

  • Mike says:

    Great job you guys. I hope you try for Cleveland again next year. You were awesome!

  • Ken says:

    Great article concerning the band and about keeping true to youthful goals in spite of “grownup” career commitments! I believe that this type of personal interest story would be well received in an on-line version of the College’s quarterly magazine.

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