Anything but ordinary – Editor’s Note

From left to right: Kelli Sanders, Sara Baughman and Lisa Lafler ’93- part of the Communications and Marketing Department

I wish I could have had all of you readers with me for the interviews I conducted with the students, alumni, faculty and staff who are featured in the Summer 2014 Mount Mercy Magazine. Their stories absolutely blew me away … and the humility with which they shared those stories also left me in awe.

Each day I am at Mount Mercy, the people in this community astound me more and more. Even on those days when nothing is going quite as planned and you start to wonder if you really should just quit and join the circus, those conversations remind me why I love my job and of the many opportunities I have to introduce you all to remarkable people who are quietly going about their lives in anything by ordinary ways.

Each of these encounters, as my boss Lisa Lafler ’93, would say “fills my Mount Mercy cup,” and as I, with the assistance of my amazing colleagues, put the final touches on the Summer 2014 edition, I am happy to report that my cup is filled to overflowing.

I hope these stories, the tales of amazing people who consider themselves anything but, will also leave your cup full.

As always, I cherish your input as we continue to develop the online magazine and present stories in new and innovative ways – be sure to check out our first video journalism story on the J-Term trip to Belize.

So, dear readers, settle in, and I once again wish you happy reading!


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