A summer of new beginnings

Regrettably, it’s been a while since I last blogged about the Mount Mercy Magazine, life on campus and our latest shenanigans finding the stories that best represent Mount Mercy. I figured it was high time that I weighed back in.

Like many of Mount Mercy faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends, I am energized by the progress happening in and around campus. Mount Mercy is having a transformational summer: from the construction on Regina and McAuley halls for what will eventually be the 43,500-square-foot University Center to the release of news that Mount Mercy will officially become Mount Mercy University on August 23, we’ve been busy!

Add to that a summer of personal “new beginnings,” and it’s hard not to take a step back and say, “Whew.”

In our next edition, which will be the 2010 President’s Report, we will recap a very fruitful 2009-2010 academic year on the Hill. Just a few of last year’s highlights include welcoming a Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence from the Czech Republic, initiating a comprehensive Web site rebuilding project, documenting our students’ spring break service trips [in video], celebrating as the first Master’s degree candidates graduated from Mount Mercy, and our institution’s active role in the Conference for Mercy Higher Education. All of the activities, adventures and successes of the past year were geared toward one defining moment: the time at which Mount Mercy College will become Mount Mercy University.

The University transition on August 23 – an historic and institutional milestone – has taken almost four years of diligent planning and research. Mount Mercy’s strategic Plan for Mount Mercy University laid the groundwork for what the institution will become, and our faculty, staff and students have been eagerly anticipating this transition. Why, you ask? There are many reasons and benefits of University status, none greater than the fact that Mount Mercy is already operating as a University – as evidenced by our diverse student populations and varied academic offerings.

We are currently in the stages of interviewing folks and writing about the past year for the President’s Report, with one defining moment yet to come on August 23. We hope that you will join us on that day as we officially launch Mount Mercy University. For details on the events or to RSVP, please visit our University microsite.

I look forward to celebrating Mount Mercy University with you,