Behind the Scenes: An Insider's View

Altorfer_bioWelcome to the new online version of the Mount Mercy Magazine! The collective “we” are excited that you have landed on our pages.

The Mount Mercy Magazine, published three times per year, is truly a labor of love for our small, determined, and sometimes unwieldy group of writers, designers, photographers, editors, and creative-types. The six people on staff each fill a distinct role in our production process — although we all wear multiple hats.  As with any reputable — and hopefully, readable — publication, we strive for accuracy and honesty in the stories we research, construct and publish.

But more than that, the publication is also a reflection of who we are. While we strive for impartiality, each of us cannot help but to insert a word here, a design flair there, and an edit here and there that reflects our personal style. As creative-types it is in our nature to impart aspects of our personality into our work — and we think that this sprinkling of humanity makes for a better product. We hope you agree.

To that end, we want you to get to know us. You might notice that both our printed publication and online version do not carry bylines for articles. This is intentional. We want you to read the pieces and absorb the design for what it is. But that doesn’t mean that we want to be the folks behind the curtain pulling the magic lever. No indeed! On our staff page you can find out who indulges in illicit servings of cottage cheese, sans bowl and which of us would be perfectly comfortable to come to work in hoop-skirts, crinoline and a wig. You might be surprised! Visit our staff page to learn more.

Enjoy! And I sincerely hope that you will check back for future posts.

Molly Altorfer
Managing Editor